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Why I Made This: FORVR Mood
A Series by SEPHORA
Responsible for edit, color, & sound design for mini-documentary featuring the brand story for FORVR Mood candles and their partnership with Sephora. 
 Created multiple deliverables for Instagram & Youtube, in addition to subtitled and clean versions.
Why I Made This - Meeting
Why I Made This - Store
Why I Made This - Product
Tasked with the editing and motion graphics animation for these introduction videos for all players of the Sporting Kansas City MLS team. These videos played in stadium before each home game of the 2021 season. Deliverables included multiple formats, resolutions, & aspect ratios. I got the opportunity to watch my work live from the sideline during a home game.
Daddy's Divas
TV Show
Served as Editor, Colorist, and Post production Supervisor on a 10-episode family comedy tv show. Worked with executive producers, show-runner, and director over an 8 month post production schedule and managed deliverables for worldwide distribution. Managed post production team including VFX artists, composers, and sound designers. This extensive project is currently available to stream on Tubi and Amazon Prime Video.
Daddy's Divas
Daddy's Divas
Daddy's Divas
McDonald's x KC CHIEFS 
Edited and created motion graphics for a series of McDonald's commercials for the KC area market. The goal was to promote the McDonald's mobile app (both delivery and pickup options) and creating a crossover with the Kansas City Chiefs NFL team. We created multiple versions for multiple market areas and delivery services.
Brennah’s Story of Belonging | SEPHORA
Responsible for edit, color, & sound design for mini-documentary featuring the brand story for FORVR Mood candles and their partnership with Sephora.  Created multiple deliverables for Instagram & Youtube (16x9 and 9x16), In addition to subtitled and clean versions.
Brennah's Story
Brennah's Story
Brennah's Story
Served as Motion Graphics Editor/Animator for a series of informational videos explaining how the network security platform Firemon works to  improve network security efficiency. Created a series of 5 videos relating to various aspects of business approach. 
eMLS x Pringles
Assistant Edited and created all Motion Graphics for a couple short form, documentary-style player profiles for eMLS sponsored by Pringles. The series highlights professional players in the up and coming eMLS competitive FIFA league.
Served as Motion Graphic Animator and Editor for a promotional brand anthem video for Whistle Sports. This project involved capturing the energy, competitive spirit, and feeling the brand represents as well as making it engaging and informative for future potential clients of Whistle.
Served as Motion Graphics Editor for these two completely character driven, animated social media spots. The spots were part of a larger video campaign for the educational company Squidbooks. For best user engagement, each spot was formatted appropriately for Instagram posts as well as instagram, facebook, and snapchat stories.
KC Chiefs Super Bowl Hype
Edited/Animated two hype spots for Instagram and Facebook supporting the Kansas City Chiefs NFL team before the 2021 super bowl. The goal of these posts was to build hype and community camaraderie in the local KC area.
Shot and Edited a spec ad for the the Nike SB hightop shoe. The aim of this spec ad was to create a social media story type ad that focused on energy while showing off the product.
Nike Spec Still.png
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